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Share how you met your spouse or significant other?

15 years ago

I was curious if any of you would like to share how you met your spouse or significant other? You may have done this in the past, before I came to this site but I was curious. I thought that with the many different back grounds here it would be interesting to hear your stories. I will start and you won't believe this:

My hubby and I met on an Internet dating site. It was a Christian site. He lived about 1700 miles away. We started communicating via the computer and then moved to phone calls. We talked several times a day for many months and then he flew to where I live for our first visit. Several visits and a million phone calls later we set a date and were married. He proposed on father's day. I had also began emailing with his grown daughter. Since his younger daughter, now my SS10 had lost her mom to cancer when she was 6, I also started emailing with her mom's parents. We've been married 3 years as of this past October. I know it sounds unconventional but it's working quite well. Now you know how crazy I really am!

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