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help with step son won't eat healthy

14 years ago

Hi, I am new to the forum and read some really great things already. I was wondering if anyone had advise on a 9 year old SS who won't eat anything healthy... and I mean anything. He won't even try not one fruit or vegetable (unless you count french fries, which I don't give him), no nuts, vitamins, nothing. He is overweight and when he comes every other weekend can barely make it up the stairs and tries to refuse any exercise. He comes in, flops on the couch and wants to stay there for 2 days and be catered to like at mom's and grandma's. He is the unhealthiest child I have ever seen...ever. I have 2 kids 10 and 7 who eat well, and when asked to try something always will out of respect. He refuses to taste any food, not that he doesn't like it, because he doesn't want to is his reason. Help, I have lost my patience, but am not going to part of the problem of letting him eat himsself to death. My husband, which we have only been married 5 months, can't stand it either but the child is just not going to listen. He will lose everything before doing somethere he does not want to do.

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