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What to do with all those shop tools when someone passes away?

13 years ago

I get a call about every 7-18 months from a client or friend of a client wondering what to do with their Husbands shop tools when they pass away. This is always a sad call and one I have struggled with to answer in the past.

Our shop programs in our schools are disappearing. I would think that schools have a certain liability in not using old tools that are not under warranty.

What about if they could be warehouse and given to those in need. What if they where just crated and shipped out to places like Haiti that are trying to rebuild their lives, homes, schools and hospitals.

I would like to do this here in Vancouver. I think I could build a crate, pack the tools and ship them out - anywhere.

Is there a program like this anywhere in North America?

Is there any other local places that might benefit from this "Sad Windfall" of tools?

Any thoughts here???


John Whipple

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