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BioMom has split town.

15 years ago

So we finally get a call from mom late sunday evening. We were at my parents house in Flroida when she called. She said "I heard you want to get the girls stuff".

Basically she said she is moving to a town three hours away from us, her truck was already loaded down and she had left ALL the girls belongings in the apartment and if we wanted it we had better come get it before the constable did. She has no plans on going back to rehab.

She said something about detectives ramshacking her house which makes me wonder if she has a warrant out for her arrest.

She asked me if she could talk to the girls for a second. I put one of them on the phone and heard her say "HEEEEEY sweetie. What are you doing?" The twin replied "Who is this?" After a stunned second or two I heard "It's your Mother...." Niether of the girls seemed to care that she was on the phone. They were more interested in visiting with my parents. Equally mom seemed disinterested in what is going on with the girls. I mentioned to her they were starting school friday and it got brushed off.

When we explained to them that mommy was moving it was kindof like "OH. Well we thought she had already." and then on to the next subject like they were unfazed. Sad. This is the beginning of the true end for the girls relationship with their mom. I'm sure she will slip more and more out of the picture now and honestly and sadly enough it's all for the best. She was given a choice, your lifestyle or your children and she apparently loves the needle in her arm more than her own daughters.

Oh and daddy talked to the principal about seperating the girls and got stone walled. The principal told J he had to "watch out for the best interest of his teachers". So it's off to the School board to raise hell. HOORAY. This school is going to loooooove us before it's all said and done.

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