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Oil & Wax Finish: need help on the wax part!

17 years ago

I'm in the process of finishing my kitchen cabinets. 4 coats of tung oil & two sandings already finished. Cabinets doors look like they'll take another coat. I've been letting it cure 24 hours between applications. (white oak)

Here's the rub (no pun intended):

I'd planned to finish with a coat of Briwax - the Briwax website suggests it's just the stuff for kitchen floors and cabinets. However, I just noticed a small print warning on the side of the can telling me not to use it on anything that will be near water. Yikes! Hard to avoid splashing around a sink. Does anybody have a suggestion - should I use it anyway, use another kind of wax, forget it all together? I need to get these finished in the next 2 weeks.

I'm a novice at this, although the project thus far has gone well, I've learned through trial and error and the wood looks beautiful with the tung oil. But the wrong wax is an error I don't want to make. Thank You!

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