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Reading a power meter - am I insane or is the POCO?

14 years ago

I'd love some input from those of you with experience reading meters. (I'm usually on the decorating board and am WAY out of my league here -- please bear with me).

We got our power bill last night (11/01/07 to 12/04/07) and about fell over. $562.08/6,426 KWH. That's only about 5 times what it should be, based on previous usage. ( 2,000 sq. ft, gas heat, hot water, range -- electric should decrease in the winter). So we investigated, pulled prior bills, figured averages, noted price per KWH has not spiked, etc. The result? We think APCO has simply read the meter wrong. Twice. Rather than bore with lots of details and try to sway you to my side, here's a simple question:

What does this meter read?


I want to be sure I'm not the insane one before I get on the phone this morning with the residents of the next level of purgatory. I'll be glad to answer any questions.

Thank you so much!

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