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Strange Electric Usage Mystery

17 years ago

Hey everyone,

I have a bit of an odd problem, one which I'm sure gets addressed quite often. The gist of it is that my electric bill just doesn't make sense to me. I feel that it shows that we are using an odd amount of electricity, but that the bar graph on the bill itself doesn't make sense. For instance, I used 23 kw/h daily in november and december. I then literally removed my electric stove from the premesis and started cooking with wood (not to save money, but because I'm nutty!), turned down the hot water heater's thermo and stopped doing a few other moderate-use electrical things. WHen I got my Jan bill, it read exactly the same amount as nov and december. Odd thing is that our stove was from the 70s and I used it MANY times a day (I work out of the house) and so I figured it must have been using decent electricity. I ran the oven for a few hours at 400 degrees to bake bread at minimum once a week.

Anyways, here's the background: I have a 700 sq. ft. house. it's practically a shed. It's very well insulated (floors, walls, ceilings, etc) but that doesn't matter as I heat with wood and coal, and haven't used the furnace at all this year. We still have the full tank of oil we had LAST February, and who knows when that was from! We have a TV but only use it to watch DVDs a couple times a month. We don't have a washer/dryer, AC, or an electric stove and all of our lighting is very low watt and not used very often, since I am the only one up late at night and just sit here in my office with the 20 watt desk lamp on for a few hours reading. The only major appliance we use is this CRAPPY old refridgerator we are going to soon replace. It seems to be running nearly all of the time! The big culprits are electric hot water & a well pump for our 500 foot well. The electric co. says we have been using an avg of 23 kw/h DAILY. It's odd, because they say we're using 3 more Kw/h than last jan and that was when we were using more appliances, etc. Also, our electric consumption for august and september was the lowest point on the graph, measuring in at just 13 kw/h daily avg. It spikes seemingly random months, and for the past 3 has been exactly the same: 23 kw/h. I went out on a whim and stared at our analog meter for what seemed an eternity yet they were either not moving at all or my eyes are failing me. I wrote down the numbers and will check them tomorrow.

Sorry for being so verbose, I'm just supercharged with frustration this evening after getting my $145 bill, the same as my Mother who has 1200 more sq.ft. than us and uses her electricity like it's free (drying clothes 3 times a week, long hot showers, TV on all day for the dog, etc.)

Thanks in advance! I just need simple advice to track down this beast!

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