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Phone calls and excessive worry

14 years ago

I'll keep it short. We had SD for the weekend. The afternoon we were supposed to return her (for the night, and get her back the next day) she got a phone call from BM. Evidently BM had a stomachache and went to ER. But called SD and got her all stressed and worried instead of calling DH or myself. SD ended up staying an extra night with us; which could have been wonderful, except SD was a wreck because she thought her mom was going to die and we actually had plans that night, so it ended up with her freaking on the couch for hours and the evening completely ruined.

Tell me, who calls their 10 year old to say they are going to the hospital? Why not just call the adults and say what is going on so the kid isn't worried?

I finally took the phone away (again!) and said I'd talk to mom. Every time she got on the phone with SD the call ended with SD a little ball of nerves. Then moms "best friend"... some guy... got on the phone and he wanted to talk to SD. I told him I didn't want anyone freaking her out, but gave the phone to her because he was acting as if I was keeping her from her mom. Surprise surprise... he had nothing good to say, and she got off crying. And the next day (that we were supposed to have her again) she was completely a wreck as well and ended up getting "sick" herself.

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