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I'm the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding and in charge of organizing the bridal shower. I really have no experience in organizing parties so I really need your help!! I hear a lot of people are doing spa parties for different occasions where they provide bathrobes and slippers for the attendees and do manicure/pedicures. What do you think of doing a spa bridal shower? Any and all ideas are welcome. Thank you!!!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

What do you think of doing a spa bridal shower?
Are you footing the bill for all of it? I'd hope so!

Even if everything was paid for, I sure wouldn't be attending...just not my cup of tea. If you were paying for and just including the brides close young friends, they might like it...but not like it if they themselves have to cover spa fees!

I really have no experience in organizing parties so I really need your help!!
Are you the only hostess? Will there be others helping you with putting it all together as well as the costs?

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That sounds like more of a "bachelorette party" than a bridal shower. It's something one would do with just the bride and bridesmaids. It would also be something the whole wedding party would chip in to pay for, with bride being the guest.

A "shower", by definition, is a party for all the bride's friends and is intended to shower the new bride with gifts. Often mothers of bride and groom are included, as well as close older relatives.

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Agree with mary c that a spa day sounds more like a bachelorette party than a shower.

Do you know the bride's mother? Can you contact her? She might be a good source of information as to what type of shower is typical in her family, or in her area. And she can help you put together the guest list.

One thing you should do first is figure out how much money you can spend. Are the other bridesmaids going to be helping out? Ask them how much money they are willing to contribute.

Now you know what your budget is. The bride and her mother may want certain things at the bridal shower, but if you can't afford them, you do not have to have them.

Showers vary so much around the US. In some areas, they are small and held in someone's home and cake and punch are served. Elsewhere, they are large, like 80 or 90 people, and held at a restaurant or hall.

Start with a firm budget. Get ideas from the other bridesmaids. Make your plans to fit your budget.

Another thing to consider--is this going to be her only shower, or will anyone else be giving her one? Some brides end up with a work shower, a friend shower and a family shower. If there are multiple showers, only the MOB and MOG and the bridesmaids should get multiple invites (and the bridesmaids only have to give a present at one shower).

When you are looking at your budget, also consider the other wedding costs you are going to have: dress, shoes, accessories, hair/makeup if the bride wants those, dress for the rehearsal dinner, travel, hotel, wedding present, bachelorette party. It all adds up, so don't spend all your money on just one part of the whole shebang.

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