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Consider divorce over step kids

11 years ago

Hello everyone. Not a great story teller. I will try to be brief.
I have been married 6 years to a widow with two boys11, 13 I had a daughter of myown 11 and now a son 5. Not even sure were to start. I think I need to leave.
My step sons are not terrible. Good grades and some what well behaved. I feel terrible about even speaking about this. But I have been unhappy for very long now.
Starts out. Ss's are spoiled. If they want something they get it regardless of behavior, not really consequences to any actions. I step in and lay some punishments and rules down to only be undermined by my wife. This happens so often it's sad. So. I gave up. I basically don't get involved unless my son is in bio son is involved. He's 5 so the only time he's involved is when he's being mistreated by his older siblings. ( he's not an angel either). But being hit by a 11 year old is a little much for me.
Now my daughter lives about 30 mins away and hasent stayed a weekend at my home since 3 years ago. Basically my wife who has a history of being phycho went nuts on my daughter once agian. Long story short, cops , court, child services lawyers involved. Nightmare! Out come. Visitation modified. Daughter can't stay for weekends unless she chooses to. And she hasent. So basically I see my daughter every other sat. Fml!
Lately I have just been thinking about how easy my life would be had i just never married my wife. I am walking around telling my self how I hate my life. I feel like I am trapped.
Oh btw. I live in my wife's home. She owned it before meeting me. I repectfully don't want any part of it( its not mine). But I say I I want my own home and she Dosent wanna get a new house. Reasons. Where will most of money come from. And if we did have a home together if I died she would have to leave part to my daughter which means my daughters mother would be involved. So basically I hate life right now. Except the other day I took out my daughter and my son together. I felt so in control and free. I thought I could get used to this.
Scraping surface here hope t not to long.

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