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15 years ago

So I am in need of some advice. My son is in 3rd grade and miserable. He has hours of homework each night, and it is not classwork that just was not finished. He has an upcoming project that he has told me about, but no paper has come home regarding what exactly they are to do (I guess teacher assumes 3rd graders can just remember it all?). They had a sub the other day and then last night he was doing homework till bedtime, with a break for dinner. When I asked him why he had so much he said it was because the sub did not follow his teachers lessons so they had to bring the extra work home!!!!! One day we were having a lot of snow and the next day we were expecting quite a bit of snow so the teacher sent home extra work with the kids and told them to do it if they had a snow day the following day!!!

My son's grades have plumeted this year. He is very smart and has always done well but now he is getting c's. Some of this homework gets graded by the kids in class and comes home the same day so I do not think he is getting credit for it. OTher assignments sit in his folder for days, he says she has not collected them. Then I never see the graded assignment. I check over all his homework when he is done and have him fix mistakes, so every homework assignment is 100% correct. But, anything he does poorly in school comes home with a line for me to sign it. On multiple choice tests he gets an answer wrong and she takes off 5 points! I think that if the answer is multiple choice you either get it right or wrong, so why would it be worth 5 points? You get a 5 or a 0 then? On assignments and tests he gets points off for not putting the date or writing his last name. I just feel that this teacher is tooooooo hard on 3rd graders and is making my son hate school. He has always been proud of his math and spelling skills, now he says he is awful in everything!

I had asked her what his grades were before last progress reports and they were a's and b's. Then a week later he was at c's when I got his progress report. I contacted her to find out how this happened and she cited one assignment in each subject that was responsible! I do not see how one assignment can hurt a grade so much? Especially with all the work he does! When I told her that she began talking about his "poor behavior" and messy desk.

In talking with his friends parent she has had similar issues. She says the teacher is very inconsistant in her comments about her child as well and that her son does way to much homework.

I was a teacher for quite a few years, though this year I took a half year position for a teacher on maternity leave and now am staying at home. I do not want to come across to her as a "think I know it all because I was a teacher", but I am upset. The rule of thumb in schools I worked at was 10 minutes of homework per grade level each nite. With that he should have about 30 minutes of homework per night. She has them do a reading sheet each night where they are supposed to read for 20 minutes and then practice math facts for 10 minutes plus all these worksheets!!

I e-mailed her today saying I would like to meet with her afterschool one day this week. So I am waiting to hear from her. Any ideas how I can approach this teacher without sounding like a big complainer and making her harder on my son?


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