I am a stepmom who would like to be Mom and not just a caretaker

11 years ago

I am a step mom of a 9 year old and a 6 year old. My step children are adorable and love me very much. I love them a lot too. My husband and I had an year long relationship before we got married. Everything is wonderful except for sometimes I feel like no matter how much I love the family and howmuch effort I put into it, at certain instances, my husband makes me feel like just a person who takes care of the family and I never get the privilege of being their Mom. For example, I do not get to go to those Parent teacher meetings. The kids BM has a different schedule she meets the teachers at a different time so that I can go in with him to the school. But he doesnt want me to go. I hate to be a caretaker and just a person who is looked upto only when they need some help. It is pretty hurting. I need some advise on this ...

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