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can mom and stepmom ever get along!?

19 years ago

Stepmom is always harrassing me, saying I dont support my child enough! The dad and I share joint physical and legal custody, with dad named as primary care for the school year and mom primary care during summer months. (i made a very naieve decision to leave my child with dad, beleive me, if i had a chance to go back and do it all over again, I would have fought in court to have my son with me)When I remarried a military man we moved to a different state, and naively assuming that a judge wouldnt let my son move with me, without arguing i gave dad primary title. I just didnt want to fight in court, I have always wanted things to work smoothly between stepmom, dad and I !! (dah for me thinking this!) Well it's been 6 years now since my child has been living with dad and stepmom. The wars I always make with them have always been and still to this day,to let me talk to my child over the phone, I assume they are screening my calls, for i mostly get the answering machine,and in the begining it was to let me have visitations when i was in town, say for christmas one year, i had to take them to court, exparty i think it was for a quik hearing date, they were only going to give me two days out of his 2week christmas vacation time! And its not like i surprised them, they knew i was coming to town for christmas with my family 2 months in advance! I could go on forever about how unfair and uncoropative they are, but my question is, why does stepmom always have to make me out to be the bad mom, just because i gave dad primary care of child, this is what i do for my child, I have sent him care packages each month, stepmom puts me down saying not good enough care packages, i try calling twice a week to talk with my child, that way its not harrassing them, but even just 2 days a week its hard to get ahold of my child, they never answer the phone to me. I also send $57 a month in child support, which i know is not alot, but my 57 and dads 57 , plus my care packages of clothing and stuff and all his grandparents stuff, not that its there responsibility to support, its just that the child is not hurting for anything, but stepmom still makes note that im not doing enough for my child, I call his teacher from time to time, to stay in touch with his schooling, wich is pretty hard to track down a teacher over the phone at the end of the school day! stepmom says its not her responsibility to pass my childs school progress news to me! its also not her responsibility to pass news of my childs sprained wrist from falling at school, its up to me to get this info. but how when they mostly seem to screen my calls! I just dont get why she cant get along with me! I also pay for my childs transportation for spring and christmas breaks, i mean its not like i left my child with dad and never stayed in touch, never wanted to visit, never sent things can see this bothers me so much, my typing is worse! Am I not doing enough, what more can I do, with long distance relationship with my child....I feel im doing what i can! any words on my situation would greatly help me, either to learn more of what i can do or just ignore stepmoms slander and keep a focuse on my child! Thanks for reading my post!

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