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Where do you put the car keys?

11 years ago

I need to have a fixed place to keep the car keys or I can never find them. In the old kitchen, we had a hook under one of the lowers for the keys (to the left of the fridge), but we now have a narrow utility closet in that location. When we built the phone niche, I just left them in there:

That worked until we got a new Prius. Prius', along with some other newer hybrids, don't have an actual key that you stick in the ignition. It's an electronic fob that you keep on your person and push a button to turn on the car. I discovered by total accident that you're not supposed to leave it near cordless cell phone charging units, which we had been doing until I ran across that bit of info in the handbook.

So what clever places have you found to keep your keys? I'm sure there are more people than me who would constantly not know where the keys were if they didn't have an official home. Photos would be nice.

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