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Terrible Valentines Day

14 years ago

I have been in a relationship for seven years. My GF is a single mom with a teenage daughter. I could not be with my GF on V-Day so we agreed to meet up on the phone when she got home from work. I called her and she did not answer. I left her a couple of text messages, she did not respond. I gave up and went on with my day. Later that night I checked her daughters blog (agreed thing my GF and I both do to keep tabs on her daughter).

The girl was lamenting about her lack of a date for V-day and that even her MOM was out on a date!

My jaw dropped. I left her a message that I know she was out on a date.

The next evening, over 24 hours later she finally leaves me a VM. Says she was really busy on V-Day, worked late and then went with her daughter to a play. She goes on to say how much she loves me and misses me. Not even a mention of the date or my catching her cheating. Maybe she never checked her VM???

Hmmm I thought, according to the theatre the play was at 8pm, but the daughter entered her blog entry at almost 9pm.

So I texted her back and confronted her about the time difference. Now her story changes. She went to the play in the afternoon, and out to dinner with a friend after. Well according to the theatre schedule there was no play in the afternoon.

She says, well it was a special unpublished performance for friends of the cast. Maybe this is true but the sudden change of being at the play at night to the afternoon is fishy. Remember the daughter was at home when mom first said they were together.

I pushed a little further and she admits that the friend she went out to dinner with was an old BF and his elderly aunt. The old BF!!! I don't care that the aunt was there (maybe she wasn't), on V-Day you choose to ignore me, not even send a love text, and go out to dinner with an old BF.

I ended the relationship right then and there.

So went my Valentines Day.

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