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Help! Cost of replacing tile backsplash

12 years ago

I just finished a mini kitchen makeover (painted cabinets, installed new granite countertops, new sink, etc. - I've tried posting pics, but am technologically challenged and can't figure it out!!) Anyway, when we first moved in, DH wouldn't allow me to do much to the kitchen, so I installed a mosaic backsplash myself to help spruce it up. The problem is, although I tried to choose granite that would complement the existing backsplash, now that it's in, I HATE my backsplash. There's just too much going on!! I am dreaming of something clean and simple. This is an ongoing fight between DH and I, but I want it done right!! He now says that if I can keep the cost low, he'll consider doing it. I'd have to replace the drywall. What do you think?

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