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Average cost per sq. ft. to install backsplash tiles?

14 years ago

I am having new granite countertops installed tomorrow!! I hired the same company to install basic 4" tumbled tavertine tiles on the diagonal for the backsplash. I am starting to question the labor cost for installing the backsplash.

I have 35 sq. feet of backsplash. The total for the labor is $844. He said the basic install price is $9/sq. ft. for backsplash tiles. Plus extra for the diagonal. Plus extra money for the sealer etc.

When I divide the total labor of $844 by 35 sq. ft., I get about $25/sq. feet for just the labor without the tiles. This does include the extra charge for diagonal and for the sealers. Does this sound reasonable?



They are charging $5 s. f. for the 4" tiles. That seems reasonable.

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