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Kitchen / Dining layout help (Pics)

16 years ago

Hello everyone!
I've been (mostly) lurking here for the past few weeks, and I've learned an amazing amount by reading these forums. Thank you all for the wonderful information here!

My DW and I are in the early stages of planning our kitchen/dining room remodeling, and I'd appreciate any input on layout ideas.

First, here's a picture of our current wall structure (the perspective view below shows the windows and doors better):

Our house is a circa 1900 Victorian twin. In the picture above, the mudroom is to the East and the bay windows in the dining room face North into a narrow alley. The South wall (to the right in the picture) is shared with our neighbors' house.

The stairs shown go up (they were servants' stairs) and down (to the cellar). We don't use either of them very often, since they are quite steep and our basement is unfinished and (currently) very dirty. The main stairwell (not shown) is in the hall, which is through the dining room door (a pocket door) at the bottom of the picture. The living room and the main entrance to the house are also that direction (not in the picture). At the top of the drawing, the door out through the mudroom leads to a small (8'x10') deck where we keep our grill.

Here are the main things we want to change:

  • The movement between the dining room and kitchen is very restricted; in fact, we have a small table in the kitchen that our family ends up eating at even though it is cramped. The dining room is currently used mostly for special occasions.
  • Both the dining room and the kitchen are quite dark (even though the dining room has the bay windows) because most of the windows face North into the alley. Also, this old house has terrible lighting (one central overhead fixture in each room).
  • The kitchen was probably last remodeled sometime in the 1970's (though some of the appliances are more modern) and the cabinets are falling apart.

To address the first two concerns, we'd like to open up the walls between the kitchen and the dining room and the kitchen and the mudroom, and add some windows to the mudroom. One possibility would be to convert the mudroom to a breakfast room (probably with built-in benches and a small table). That would yield a space something like this:

Now, though, we're not sure how to proceed.

  • The movement through the house is very linear -- all the rooms on this floor are connected in a row. We want to be sure that any island or peninsula we add doesn't disrupt the traffic too much. At the same time we don't want all of the space in all of the rooms to be arranged like a galley.
  • The wall between the dining room and kitchen currently houses our refrigerator (stove and sink are along the kitchen wall on the left of the first picture). Where should it go?
  • Giving up the mudroom...

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