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advice on home front trim/porch/garage door color

8 years ago

attached is a pic of my home right now. The garage door needs painting and so does the trim and porch posts. We also would like to do a new storm door.
questions 1 - Garage door color- current color or color of the siding?

question 2 - Color for trim around windows, door?

questions 3 - Color for porch posts?

question 4 - color for storm door. related questions, we want a retractable screen for convenience... will this look terrible with this door?

My thoughts -- garage door to match siding (change). There is still a little ivory trim (no paint needed) around it. Wood trim around windows -- color of house. Trim around door ivory but tan (house color) in the "INSET" of the sidelights. Post of porch - ivory.
Storm door -- ivory?? or tan???


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