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Please help me pick paint color for laundry room..

13 years ago

I made this curtain for my laundry room:

I matched the green paint to it, but after I painted, I hated it! I tried a glaze on it that was several shades lighter on the same paint chip & still didn't like it. Now I don't know what to do!

The laundry room can be seen from the kitchen kind of through a hallway area. The kitchen is painted navy blue, so I need something that will mesh well with that.

The laundry rm. was previously khaki, & it looked nice, but I was hoping for a change. Now I'm scared to try anything different & am tempted to go back to khaki.

I had also tossed around the idea of trying to find the red color in the flowers, but am worried I won't find the right color. I also considered a nice cream, but wonder if it would be too blah. The green in the curtain is kind of a muddy sage color. Any suggustions for a paint color??? THANKS!

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