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What work MUST be done before you move in to a new place?

17 years ago

DH and I are dithering back and forth about the decision to put in a bid on a house. Much of the dithering has to do with money, because between anticipated purchase price and closing costs, we would not have enough money right after closing to do everything we want to do. This would be our 'forever' house (we're both around 40 and would want this to be our last move until we retire).

I'd love some advice on which things on this list are MUST DO before we move in; i.e. those renovations that are so dirty/dusty/disruptive that we would not want to live through them. I'm guessing the first two items are MUST DO?

Here's my laundry list:

- Put in central air

- Open up at least a few fireplaces (the house has several, all non-working as of present)

- Painting

- Floors - the floor work ranges from simple finish work (quick sand and polyurethane for those in good condition) to moderate (replace some waterdamaged and badly warped boards) to total replacement (in a few rooms, the owners put cheap new floor over the old instead of over subflooring, resulting in nasty ugly floors and 1-2" stepups or stepdowns into rooms).

- Total kitchen renovation, including converting the bath off the kitchen into a half bath (so demolishing a wall)

- Renovating two baths - both functional, neither to our taste

- Removing a useless half bath (another wall demolition) or relocating its doorway from the living room to a hallway off the living room

- Removing badly done built-in cabinetry in the living room and reconfiguring a wall there

- Reconfiguring a funny dead area off the master bedroom into a walk-in closet

Thanks in advance for your help!

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