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Granite fatigue ... please help me pick one (or keep looking???)

15 years ago

We have been spent many days wandering around many different granite yards searching for the perfect slab. All of the stone yards are at least an hour away, sometimes in opposite directions. None of the slabs we like are in the same yard. We've carried door samples and floor samples, and taken a million pictures, notes and measurements. We have a mosaic of little granite sample pieces at home - however most of them are barely big enough and usually not representative enough to be much use. I think that DH has reached the end of his granite-seeking rope and just wants it to be over. Me? - I just want it to be perfect :)

We will be getting shaker-style darkish-brown cherry cabinets (KM Autumn Blush), SS appliances and a yet-to-be-determined hardwood floor. Originally I had hoped to find a creamy granite with dark brown and caramel streaks - like french vanilla ice cream with chocolate and caramel ripple. We haven't been able to find anything quite like that, so I'm trying to figure out whether to go with one of the ones we have found or to keep looking.

Option 1: Colonial Dream

Option 2: Yellow River v.1

Option 3: Yellow River v.2 (note the door sample in this picture is not the correct style but is the same color)

A couple more issues to keep in mind - firstly, as we have a small kitchen, there is a chance we could fit it all on one slab. Option 1 (Colonial Dream) is a larger slab and we think we would only need one. Option 2 is a little smaller - maybe we could still fit into one, but not sure. Option 3 is smaller still and we would definitely need 2 slabs with this option (i.e. add $1000).

Also, our small kitchen will not have an island or peninsula. The largest continuous section would be an L-shape 87'' long (with undermount sink in center) by 54'' in other direction.

Which of these options do you think would work best? Or do you like all of them or none of them? Should we keep looking or just pick one??

Thanks for any opinions or advice!

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