Purchasing a house near power lines?

14 years ago

My fiance and I are looking into purchasing our first house, and we are interested in a new housing development in our area. We love the floorplan, the price is right, and we'd have plenty of space to "grow". There are only a few more lots left, and the builder is offering a great bonus that we can put toward upgrades for the house (nicer trim level, kitchen upgrades, etc.).

The only issue is that the neighborhood is split down the center by power lines. The power lines run through a grass belt (it just looks like a giant, lengthy field) that functions as a common area. One of the lot options we've looked at is directly next to the belt. We have other lot options that are a block or so away, but the power lines and towers are still visible in the distance.

We'd probably opt for one of the lots further away from the belt, even though this would mean a slightly smaller yard. However, I worry about the affect the power lines will have on resale value. I'm not too worried about safety so long as we aren't in one of the houses right near the belt, but I worry that there may be perceived dangers that would limit the amount of people interested in our house when we decide to sell in the future.

The pros are that we'll get a great starter home at a very decent price for our area, and with the bonus upgrades added in. The cons are the power lines. In your opinion, how close is too close for power lines near your house? Even if our house isn't directly next to the power lines, do you think the fact that they run through the neighborhood would have an effect on our resale value? What would you do in this situation?

Thanks in advance for any advice/thoughts!

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