Living near power lines - how close is too close?

15 years ago

I'm house hunting and found a house that I absolutely love. The house itself is amazing - it's suits all of our needs and then some, it's in a good location, neighborhood has excellent schools, the lot is a little smaller than I would like but it's ok. The minus - there are high voltage power lines a 1/4 mile away and you can actually see the very tip of one of the metal structures from the back yard. There's a great playground in the development with tennis courts and a basketball court, BUT it's even closer to the power lines and you can see more that structure much better from there.

This is a deal breaker for me because

1) I don't want to take any health risks with my family especially since we have a history of cancer

2) It's an eye sore

My realtor and my husband said that it's far enough away to not matter, but I disagree. I nixed the house, but I still find myself thinking about it a lot. I'll definitely never find a house like that again, in the location that I want, and in my price range. ::sigh::

What do you think? Do you think a 1/4 mile is too close? What do you consider too close to live to power lines?

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