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Installing cheap hardwood flooring to sell home?

10 years ago

We are putting our home on the market. We need to install new flooring as the current laminate is damaged. We were going to go with a decent engineered hickory as we were planning on staying in the house a few years and needed something durable. However, now that we are selling we have been looking at cheaper options. I found some trendy looking handscraped birch samples from and was looking at spending about $2,000 for the 850 or so sq ft we need. But I just got a LL flier and they have a non-handscraped birch for .99 a sq ft. Going the LL route we will save over $1,000.

Either birch dents easily and is not something I would want to live with. I think though that most buyers will not be aware of that. Most of our competition has laminate or carpet, some of the homes that have sold quickly have been upgraded with some sort of engineered hardwood. I feel like we should at least do engineered so we can say "hardwoods throughout main level". The typical buyers in our area are young couples/young families and new, darker hardwoods are popular as is the "pottery barn look".

Would you go with the cheapest option (and tip toe around in socks until the house sells, lol)? Do you think the handscraped look is worth $1,000?

Here is a link that might be useful: LL .99 engineered birch

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