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Decorating, Customer service and Return Policies

15 years ago

The Company Store and Pottery Barn thread made me think about the stores that do have good return policies, especially during this recession, and how that affects decorating decisions. I have had some difficult experiences with certain retail stores and furniture stores, and that definitely makes me hesitant to purchase from them, and it feels like the list is growing with the current economy b/c stores are only concerned with making a profit rather than customer service. Would you care to post your list of "good" stores, as well as your experiences with difficult stores.

My list is pretty short -



Bed Bath and Beyond

Lowes Home Improvement.

I've also had some difficult experiences with Pottery Barn. They used to have a generous return policy but recently changed it and decided to forget about customer service. I hope that stores take notice -- for example, I shop at Lowes over Home Depot, Costco over BJs, and BBnB over LNT b/c of their return policy/customer service!

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