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Color questions--vivid colors!

12 years ago

I love color but don't have any formal training. I've been flying by the seat of my pants and very pleased so far, but have run into a snag/conundrum. So now that I've painted myself into a corner, can any of you help me paint my way out?

Our kitchen, in one corner of the great room, has glossy bright red (bluish cast) Ikea cabinets. Another section of the great room is distinguished by an accent wall that's raspberry colored. Shocking, but it works! These two colors live happily together, in part because there is a large strip of a deep gold on the back of the kitchen cabinet peninsula, and both the red and the raspberry behave nicely when next to the gold.

Is this clear at all? I hope so, because we're approaching the conundrum. After a few years in this house, I'm feeling that the rest of the great room needs more color. These accents are wonderful, but the rest of the room is white and is too bland and un-cozy. I want more cozy. I want inviting and warm and cozy. We love wood. Floors are white oak, and table/chairs are natural walnut and cherry. Upholstered furniture is dark blue (grey cast)couch, chair, and ottoman, and dark raspberry chairs around the dining table.

We live on a lake, and the view is magnificent. Views out the other side of the great room are woods. We're adding more windows facing the lake; the window trim is heavy stock without detail. I'm assuming the window trim should be/stay white, but would be happy to reconsider if that is suggested. I will want to repaint the main 16' high wall facing the lake (the one with new windows), and possibly the adjoining walls as well.

Any thoughts on color choices that might relate well to the lake and the woods and frame the wonderful views? With the raspberry and the red already in place, should I plan to stay in the hot-color part of the spectrum? Is there a way to consider using blues/greens on the main wall(s)and still feel like everything is integrated? Husband has suggested brown, which I fear will be too depressing. But it might be cozy-inviting, so perhaps I should consider it? Also wondering if brown would look too trendy.

Thanks you for sharing your thoughts and advice.

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