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Help with exterior paint color/trim color/roof color

4 years ago

This is our house in it's current color--a muted sage green. Our house faces north.

We will be getting a new roof this summer, and will be painting the exterior next summer. I want to have the paint color chosen BEFORE I choose the roof shingle color.

We definitely want a change from the current green. I'm thinking a mid range (not too light, not too dark) warm gray for the body, with white trim around the windows. We are considering a dark charcoal (almost black) roof color. (I know this will look kind of awful with our current green paint--but it will just have to do until next summer!)

About the red brick trim--I guess I think of red brick as almost a neutral. I don't mind painting it, but my husband is not in favor of that idea! FYI--there is another "column" or brick to the right of the 3rd garage bay, and also brick trim under the front bay windows. My idea is to have the house painted, then decide if we "need" to paint the brick. Maybe a charcoal gray?

Also--what color to paint the facia board under the roof? Do we need a different trim color other than the white? I know I don't want white on the facia board. I'm open to something creative! Currently our front door is red, but we will probably change that.

And...I'm not sure about the attic vents with the white trim around them--seems odd to bring attention to them. Would it be too boring painted the same color as the body of the house?

Lots of questions, I know! Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Suggestions for a nice warm gray would be very helpful.



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