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help proportions for light fixtures/walls/vanities?

14 years ago

I have seen posts about the proportion of a chandelier to table/room size- but I am struggling with the size (width) of vanity lighting.

I am replacing (for about 2 years now... can we say inertia and indecision?) the fixtures in my bathrooms.

For one, there is a 48 inch vanity/which has the builder light which is about 16 inches. I know it is too small, but maybe I am used to it because it doesnt seem ridiculously small. Is there a rule of thumb?

To summarize, I have

48 inch vanity

60 inch vanity (with double sinks - presently one light fixture)

powder room- pedestal sink on a 3 foot wall

in our master, angled walls with 2 40 inch units/

Any wisdom out there?

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