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Cuddledown Down Comforter

29 days ago

I want to replace my current down comforter.

I live in a warmish climate and so I don't need super warmth but I do keep my bedroom air conditioned/cool and so I enjoy the lightness and feel of down.

I do NOT use a cover because honestly it is difficult to put on - weighs down the quilt so it no longer feels weightless and generallly gets moved around in the cover.

I wash the quilt regularly which I realize shortens the life of the quilt but so be it.

Because I don't use a cover, I have always gotten colored down quilts. The Company Store has always carried them and they have been fine for me.

I want a specific color which Company Store doesn't have but I have found it on Cuddledown.

How is the actual quality of Cuddledown goose down quilts. I hate relying on internet reviews because they tend to be from disgruntled and also the bad reviews of Cuddledown seem to focus on the quality of customer service and not the actual quality of the quilts.

Also - within reason - price is no object as I am willing to spend a good amount to get what I need. Maybe not $3000 😂 but I am not price shopping specifically.

FWIW I had bought an absolutely gorgeous faux fur blanket but it is just too physically heavy to use as my blanket which is why I am back to seeking a colored (not white) goose down quilt.

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