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looking for: 48 hr. emergency! dinner party guest on atkins!

18 years ago

The party is in 2 days, and his wife JUST told me (invitations sent weeks ago) this. My menu -- which I have already started preparing -- is almost 100% non-Atkins-friendly:


miniature meat blintzes w/ mustard sauce


salmon spread with crackers


peanut soup (with coconut milk)


chicken en croute with a mushroom/rice/white sauce

roasted brussels sprouts and garlic

marinated carrots, peppers, and onions


apple pie

pecan pie

The ONLY thing I have planned that he will eat is the nuts! It is too late to change the menu; all the shopping and some of the cooking, including for that chicken dish, are done. Had I only known sooner, I could have planned a different menu (or invited them another time when it was just them and us, or something).

So I knew I had to turn to you all for help. Of course I go the "oh, don't worry about Cuthbert, he'll find something to eat." But as you see, this menu really doesn't provide for that. I want to treat all my guests, including "Cuthbert," well, but I will be a real mess (and probably make them feel self-conscious) if I make a whole separate meal for him. I'd love to come up at least two of the following, though: appetizer, first course, main dish, and dessert, if possible. She says he doesn't eat vegetables anyway, so I'm not worrying about side dishes for the main course.

Here are the limitations:

- he doesn't eat any fish (so much for having herring or something out as an appetizer he'd eat).

- we cannot have anything at this meal with any dairy ingredients -- so no cheese cubdes for an appetizer, darn it!

- no pork

Here is my best guess so far:

- appetizer: some grilled salami

- first course: chicken broth (or is that too plain? any Atkins-friendly way to make it seem nicer?)

- a rotisserie chicken (our butcher makes them) -- less dreary than just a grilled chicken breast, and less last-minute prep for me.

But I'm stumped on dessert. And, frankly, the ideas I have seem so dreary. What can you suggest -- FAST?

Thanks so much in advance! I know you'll know what to do.

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