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I've come full circle for paint - should have trusted my gut!

15 years ago

After heading off in all directions for the perfect paint I'm back to where I started. Why oh why didn't I just go with my first instinct and saved at least $50.00 in sample pots (I won't even count the gas) and days of frustration!

My first pick based on the cabinets & granite was Revere Pewter. I added the floor tile & still liked the RP, but just to be sure I wanted to try Coventry Gray also. Shoot, that was too blue, but now it made the RR look too greeny/yellow.

Enter multiple tones of gray, nothing worked. Looked at changing from the grays to browns. Added Cabot Trail- way too pink & Stardust; now were getting way out of whack & way too dark.

Just about ready to ditch the BM paints & head out of town to Home Depot. Finally, I put every single sample board away except for the Revere Pewter. Now I love it again.

Before sample pots were available at $5.00 a pop I would pick & paint from the swatch and almost always be happy with the result, but then again I've never agonized over every little detail like I have with this Kitchen reno.

So, I guess for anyone out there who is thinking paint perhaps my not-so-little-exercise might suggest to try not to confuse yourself by auditioning too many options at the same time.

Now I need to pick the trim color to go with the RP. Hopefully it will be a less painful process.


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