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how accurate should a countertop template be?

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So we installed Danny marble for our island, and soapstone for the perimeter and backsplash behind the cooktop.

1st issue: our marble slab got cracked in transport. They happened to have another extra slab on hand from another customer. The movement was totally different but we didn’t make much of a fuss and agreed that it was an acceptable replacement.

2nd issue: They had faucets on hand when they were drilling for holes for the sink. One of them is too small so that needs to get enlarged to the correct size. This seems like an easy fix.

3rd and most glaring issue: the backsplash template was done pretty shoddily. It’s in 3 pieces which I imagine was done to get the focal feature centered like we wanted so no issues there. The problem is where the seam is doesn’t allow one piece to fix the problem as I see it. We have gaps along the side of a cabinet and under a window between 1/4” and 3/8”.

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