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Seller making this purchase a nightmare

8 years ago

I'm buying my new house from an estate ran by the mother of the deceased. Her daughter passed from breast cancer in September. I actually went to school with the girl as did my realtor, and have tried to be as empathetic and understanding as possible but I am at my wit's end. This woman is making the purchase a nightmare and if not for the time and money I'd lose - I would walk away. Before I go on, know that the owner actually died in the house and the only way we were able to come to a deal to begin with was with both realtors being willing to lower their commission. I offered more than a fair price for the place.

She showed up at the inspection and passed my mother and sister who had come to see my new place in the driveway. I'm told she was rude to both of them. She walked in the door and just looked at me and the inspector without saying a word until I broke down and said something. She then went on to tell me what her daughter had done to prepare for the sale, knowing she was going to pass, and shared with me how things were decorated.

When the inspection report came back, I only asked for things that were safety issues. She was unwilling to fix anything. Her realtor knew she'd have to fix these things for ANY buyer and my realtor is a friend of mine and knew how badly I wanted this house, so again they stepped in and offered to pay for some of these items if I would conceed a few others. I did. At this point we are down to the bare minimums. Get the driveway/walkway/porch repaired (it's sunk by over 6"), have fill dirt placed to fix the major drainage issues that caused the driveway to sink, clean the chimney so I can have it properly inspected, and fix the leak on the furnace.

The realtors decided to have us in separate rooms for closing because they think this woman is "going to blow".

Yesterday I get a call asking if I'm willing to give a copy of the appraisal to the owner. She is apparently convinced it appraised for far more than the purchase price. I said I would give a copy at closing.

We are literally a month into things, closing in two weeks, and this morning the call comes that she thinks the driveway repairs, that the quote was 1300 for, should only be 300 at most and isn't doing it until after close because she doesn't think i'm going to close.

Now at this point I have over $3,000 invested in this house. My realtor and hers are putting money out on this deal as well, and she's refusing to have things fixed before closing?

I finally balked. I told my realtor I would sue the old biddy for breach of contract. Even if closing gets delayed by 1 day I'm out another $1800 that I paid for interest rate reduction lock.

I was SO excited about this house. It's in the neighborhood I wanted, has most of the finishes I wanted, and while it needs some work, I had/have every intention of staying in this house until the day I myself am at death's door. I'm now SO disgusted that I'm about ready to just lose my money and walk to avoid dealing with this unreasonable seller anymore.

Is my inexperience here making me overreact or is this woman truly going out of her way to make this purchase a nightmare for me?

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