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Hardwood Floor Damaged During Showing..It is Just Maddening

10 years ago

UPDATES: I called my agent, she called the showing agent. Showing agent called me and tried to apologize by lying.........

At first the agent told me they did not see the sign and her client did not wear high-heel. I told her I have evidence and you'd better be honest....then her story changed to she did not see my sign till the very end when they were leaving my house, and her client was wearing long pants so she is not sure if her client was in high-heel.........

Some people just keep lying even if they got caught......I told that agent I am upset but appreciate her calling to apologize. However, since there is damage on the hardwood floor, I will be contacting her if there is concern raised during the home inspection (by other buyers, we actually have two offers, but are keeping showing since the offers are contingency).

My agent is wise and advise me to go in a gentle way too. It is NOT about the act someone did not take shoes off, it is all about the DISRESPECT of those people.

They are young, they are in high-heel, they saw the sign and mocked about it, they have no excuse and no manner. I am not going to sell my house to someone like this anyway, it is just SAD that trying to please this kind of people in order to get an offer.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.


We have new solid hardwood floor(Dark Stained Maple) installed before listing our house. We vacuum, steam mop and steam mop again before every showing, it takes about 1.5 to 2 hour to do the whole house.

We want to make sure the showing agents and their clients take their shoes off. We put a sign by the front door reads: Please take off shoes for your future new home. 9 out of 10 people will take their shoes off, and one who doesn't most likely missed the sign.

However, we had a very upsetting showing today. I came back home and noticed small dents on the hardwood floor. Then I checked my security surveillance camera recording inside of my home and found out: the showing agent and her clients(young couple) noticed my sign, kind of mocked about it, and none of them took their shoes off. One of them was wearing high-heel.

This is just maddening! I emailed my agent(she is great) : Please tell the showing agent, I will hold her client liable for the damages caused by her high-heel. I never thought our listing would attract those low caliber people. Also, I would like to call the showing agent's broker and let them know they will be getting a bill for the damage, or I will be seeing them in small claims court.

My agent told me she is going to call them tomorrow morning.

Any suggestion for me? Thanks.

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