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My daughters' bedroom needs help

12 years ago

Hello again. I originally posted this two nights ago but it took three attempts to get the pictures to show and I think people got tired of clicking without seeing pictures. So, I'm reposting. I need to pick a color or colors for my daughters' bedroom but so far my creative juices have not been flowing.

Their bedding is little mismatched marvelous dots and their wall is the same color as our master bedroom which is not suitable for kids.

I'll like to paint the room in two colors either two walls for each color or an accent color on one wall or two colors on each wall. It's a pretty small room about 10 X 8.

Any other ideas on decorating small spaces shared by two girls 4 and 2 would be appreciated. I need to have their room painted ASAP. Thanks in advance. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm somewhat color blind so would need to see the color to know what color it is. If photo shoppers can lend me their skills, I would be most grateful. Thanks again. See pictures below:

Window wall with curtain

Window wall 2

Wall Opposite Closet

Closet door

Wall opposite the window

Little Mismatched marvelous dots

Here is a link that might be useful: Daughters' bedroom

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