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I'm never going to find a house! I'm too picky.

16 years ago

DH and I went house hunting in our new city earlier this week. We visited at least 15 homes over the course of two days. Saw a mix of utter crappy homes, well-done homes, older, newer, good neighborhoods, mediocre ones...

EVERY single one that we went into I immediately found things I wanted to change. "It could use better baseboards", "I'd continue the hardwoods in to the dining room to make the room flow better", "It needs this, that, this, this, and oh yeah, that too..."

My first house was new construction and while I like having the opportunity to pick finishes, I do not want to do a new construction home again, because I want a mature neighborhood. I cannot afford new construction in an existing neighborhood with mature trees.

SO. There is ONE house that I keep coming back to. It has good structure, good neighborhood, good yard. I didn't find fault with TOO much in it (It could use 6 panel doors instead of hollow core, better bathroom flooring, new tub, an updated kitchen & appliances, new carpet upstairs, and perhaps, all the woodwork painted white at some point. It's got an 80s vibe going!). You could say I have a vision for what I want this house to be like at some point in the future. I'm not sure there will be many more houses that come up in this neighborhood in the timeframe that DH and I need to make a decision (we're relocating for a new job)

My concern is that I'll NEVER walk into a house and go "this is the one" unless is perfectly updated to exactly how I would have done it. Should I just go with a home that I have a vision for?? Is this as close as I'm going to get?

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