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Help! I'm feel like I'm going crazy...long

16 years ago

I don't even know how to start. For the last 4-5 months I have not felt good and not at all like myself. I went to my GP a couple of times with no satisfactory results, then went to an endocrinologist who has diagnosed me as anemic and B12 deficient, and elevated cholesterol. She said my thyroid was normal. She started me on a multivitamin, folic acid and B-Complex. After going to the health food store, I also started on a B-12 lozenge, iron, magnesium, and acidophilus for my digestive problems. Im using black strap molasses, honey and beetroot juice as dietary aids. I am limited as to what I can eat that doesnt make me nauseated.

My lab results show Im in menopause (Ill be 50 in October). I had a partial hysterectomy January 2001. I take 0.3 Premarin 1x daily since October. I had also been put on Welbutrin 150 2x day by my GP for depression, but dont think it really helps. I also have tried Cymbalta but it didnt help that much, either.

I am so tired of feeling bad, and it has been so long that I dont even remember what it is to feel good. I cant be the wife and mother I need and want to be (I know my husband and son are tired of seeing me just sit around and do nothing), nor the employee I should be. I have missed a large amount of work the last 2 months due to being so fatigued This adds to my depression.

My symptoms are:

Severe fatigue/exhaustion in everything - I take naps every chance I get

No stamina

Hot flashes so bad my clothes are just drenched (just started on Black Cohosh to try to help that)

When I get sick I dont feel like I ever bounce back 100%



Loss of appetite, but weight gain and cant lose it

Lack of concentration

Lose train of thought constantly



Twitching over left eye constantly


Anxiety, have to get up and move around


Loss of sex drive

Lack of motivation

Hands and feet get coldcold never used to bother me

No energy to exercise, and I use to 3-5 times a week

Feel like crying all the time

Then to top it all off, I had some type of attack Monday afternoon, thought I was having a heart attack, went to the dr. and he admitted me for observation. I was sweating profusely, clammy, cold hands, heart palpitations, short of breath, crying.then I started feeling better and thought I was stupid for going in. I had all heart tests done and its not my heart.the cardiologist said he thought it was major depression.

I do have an appointment with a new gynecologist that is supposed to be good at treating all around womens health, but cant get in until June 5th.

I actually feel like I am going crazy. Im worried about the effect all this is having on my marriage, though my husband doesnt say anything.

Does anyone else feel THIS bad? WHat have you taken that really helps?


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