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Help! I'm afraid I'm going to lose my Christmas Cactus

9 years ago

I received a Christmas Cactus 15 years ago on the day my first child was born. This cactus has thrived, bloomed, been propagated and survived several moves over the last decade and a half. About 2 months ago during our most recent move my (sweet and totally forgiven) husband left the cactus on a picnic table for 3 days in the full hot East Coast beach sun. It got fried. I mean, all of the branches were white and dry. I have trimmed it down as well as I could and removed the dead portions. Now, all I have left is the one main original stalk/stump and maybe 2-3 inches of so-so looking greenish sections on 3-4 branches left. I'm am so afraid it's going to die. What should I do? I don't know if I should repot (it's been a while) in order to give the roots new nutrients and help it thrive? Water, don't water? Indirect sun, shade? This has been such an easy plant to care for up to now so I really have no idea how to help this little guy. When I say this plant means a lot to me, I mean, I would run into a burning building for it. I had no idea it had been left outside, I had thought it had made the move with the rest of my plants. FYI: In case you can't tell I'm freaking out. I'm open to any & all suggestions. If there's anyone on the NC East Coast that is willing to adopt and save I'd drive it to you and even buy you lunch. I've even searched for plant hospitals. Please, please help!

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