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I'm losing my mind! All induction cooktop or MY preference: with gas?

9 years ago

I've spent HOURS and HOURS searching & reading here and on internet - I keep flip-flopping back and forth - ALL induction or mixed (1/2 and 1/2?) with gas WITH BLACK GLASS. Here's my situation: I'm just swapping out a 10 year old SS gas, 4 burner, 30" cooktop in a granite countertop. I'm a SERIOUS, frequent cook - sauces, gravies, saute'ing, etc. I'm a gadget and kitchen supplies freak. I literally have a good 25 or so pans, pots, steamers, pressure cooker, 13" saute pan, 3" melt pans, roasting pans, lids, 2-burner-length oblong pot for massive qty. - most all of which are not for induction - mainly alum., 70% non-stick, heavy-duty and I love them and don't want to give them up. I REALLY don't. I've bought a single, portable induct. burner and can tell I will love it. After a lot of thinking, I really think I still want both! Considered two 15" Wolf modules (gas and induct.), but don't like the lack of features on the induction one. Can't seem to find a dual cooktop (been told no longer much avail. in U.S.). I DO want all the goodies on the induct.: higher power, boost, large coil to allow bigger pan, min. of 15-17 settings, burner timer, effective, low melt/simmer setting, etc.

When I search on European websites, there are TONS of them (often called "mixed fuel") - even in the 30" width. But, will I have probs with compatibility? What about warranty or repair work? I seem to remember Pillog here saying she got hers from overseas? There's one I LOVE, LOVE the look of - see pic here, hopefully. But, can't get much detail about it no matter where it's been listed. It IS a Whirlpool - Model AKT 477 IX. I think it has a power boost to 3200 W. which is fine and a nice wok/large burner on right. Sells for about $1,000. Another couple of mixed fuels by De Dietrich for about $1200+. Anyone heard of this brand? How do I find out about the reputations - can't find reviews over there? When I've "flopped" to all induction, I've been seriously considering the newest Bosch Flexinduction, no SS ring, 30".

My GUT tells me to get the mixed one; for me, it's the best of both worlds. (When I make roast turkeys, as an example, I use SS roasting pans (I have THREE - medium and 2 lg.) (not induct. capable) and then place pan over 2 burners to make my famous gravy for all the fond I need.) Help/suggestions anyone? I can't imagine tossing out all my pans - a lifetime of collecting and few from my mom, too. Pillog? Kaseiki? PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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