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trying to sell- fsbo or agent? All help appreciated- a bit long.

14 years ago

I have posted before- but this is a bit different now.

I appreciate good advice, especially professional.

Linda117, sue36, and others have helped in the past- now things are getting to the point that I need to know what to do next.

The story:

As I posted several months ago- My house has been for sale with 2 agents- each for 6 months. The first agent never even put a 'for sale' sign out. Sacked her.

The second agent- I asked her to contact me weekly with her plans to market this house- her reply was 'what else can I do- I put it in MLS and local paper'.

A few of agents responded, and gave me someonline places to list.

Next week the contract ends. I am at odds of what to do.

1. Spring is coming- usually when sales pick up.

2. My current agent has 7% commision- says the 2% diff

is bargaining power.

3. Am I better off with a buyers or sellers agent- or

doesn't it matter?

4. Should I go with 5% commission?

5. Should I consider doing FSBO? Will I have enough

online sites useful to me? Can I use MLS without

being a RE? Isn't there an MLS that I can pay $300

to list?

6. How would I advertise in Home Magazines?

7. What about me selling the home myself if it is

listed with a RE? How do I handle that?

8. With a payment, am I able to have my house listed on RE


This agent doesn't seem to be putting any effort into the sale- or other agents for that matter. When the house is shown, agents don't even bother to leave a card. That is very rude to me.

I have been at the house only one time when it is shown- I did discreetly listen from the garage- I use baby monitors in the barn and in 2 places in the house to listen for trouble in the barn with the horses. Now don't get all mad at me- I wanted to hear what the agents were saying, as my house has several attributes that I wondered if they were even be mentioned. Guess what? Nope not a word about them.

1. New 24" of insulation put in attic 18 months ago.

2. There is a inverter for the pellet stove in case of

power outage.

3. Solid 6 inch insulated concrete walls of house.

4. House is 3 sdes earthbound- my electric bill is about 1/4 of others in the area with same size or smaller houses. I have been able to supply documents/electric

bills for them- on the kitchen table, along with all

many other documents, which my RE knows is on the table,

but the potential buyer was never even prompted to look


5. I have 2 clothes washers in the laundry room- one for

household, and another for larger throw rugs and horse

blankets. It was not mentioned. (is not in paperwork

RE office).

6. I have a complete whole house water filtration system-

it was not mentioned- again is not in office paperwork.

The agent seems to stand there like a dummy- yes, I know that you agents want to let a person look in peace, but shouldn't she be pointing out the positives- the things that no other house in my price range has?

I am baffled...

Next week the contract expires. How should I proceed?

My lawyer thinks I am nuts to use a RE agent. He points out that for $1000-1500, he can do the paperwork if I find a buyer.

I appreciate a good agent. I just sold a house last year in another state, and also sold my deceased mother's home in another state recently. I had wonderful experiences with both agents- they were communicative, showed me how they were working, explained what they were doing to advertise the house. One sold in 1 month, the other took 5 months. Neither were in the same state, but each were 5% commision. I felt they earned every dime- and they brought good prices.

Some friends of mine- a married couple are looking for house/acreage- they are looking for a bigger place, but did some 'looking' at houses listed in my same catagory- just to tell me what I was up against- they were 'detectives'. I did not ask them to do this- in fact they did it without my knowledge, and then came to me to tell me that my house was by far neater/cleaner/better built, better quality, at either a lower price or the same price. I also heard on the baby monitor the other day what the buyer was saying. I heard her say' this is the best house in XXX (the name of the city).

Why hasn't the agent brought even an offer if my home is so nice? As stated above, it is at competative pricing. I don't know if any other houses have sold.

What do you experinced professionals suggest?

I don't have to move, but I would like to. I would think an RE would bring an offer to the table???

Obviously, I am exasperated. I don't mind an agent getting a good commission, but I DO expect them to work for the money.

Thank you all for listening.

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