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Update on my back pain

13 years ago

This has been the longest process ever. The hospital here is fighting with the hospital that I am going to...not sure why. They first said I needed orders faxed to them from other doctor before they would do an MRI then after 2 faxes were sent (they lost the first)they said no they don't need orders just to come in. So I take an afternoon off for the MRI and the lady that does the MRI doesn't bother to show up so I had to reschedule, then when they finally did the MRI the other doctor requested that they fax the results the his office and the lady here said no I would have to pick them up and take them with me to my next apt.

In the middle of all this I had to travel to Phoenix for a week for business.

I just picked up my MRI results and am heading back to the doctor tomorrow. I read the report and from the lab and it states I have "Degenerative Disc Disease" and a bulging disc.

I will know more tomorrow when I go to the doctor.

Has anyone else had this? I just want to not hurt anymore and sleep through the night.

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