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Should oak floor stain match my stained woodwork? (Pics included)

12 years ago

Backstory: we bought a house built in 1939 that still has its original, unpainted woodwork. In a previous house, I had the woodwork painted and really regretted it - as with kids and toys, it constantly chipped and needed touched up.

So, in this house, I was hoping to keep the current baseboards unpainted (and definitely want to keep the doors unpainted). We are painting the new addition woodwork white and installing a white kitchen which runs between the original part of the house (stained woodwork) and new part of the house (painted woodwork).

The white oak floor has been extended/feathered in throughout the house and it's time for me to start thinking about a stain color for the woodwork. Since we're putting in a white kitchen (probably with a walnut counter on the island and carrara on the perimeter) I was hoping to go with a darker stain (like walnut), but wasn't sure how dark I can go, given the stained doors and woodwork. And whether the new shoe molding should match the stained floor or the baseboards (if they end up being different colors)...

Any thoughts, suggestions? The previous owners had a glossy polyurethane finish on the floors. I'm going with a matte finish.

Here's an idea of what the floors look like now. The floor guy said they probably don't have any stain on them, but the poly has yellowed over the years, giving them a somewhat yellow cast:

From April 4, 2012

Here's a photo showing basement door, broom closet door, and woodwork that will remain unpainted:

From April 4, 2012

Here's a bay window with stained trim and the baseboard below that will be part of the kitchen eating area (separated from the kitchen by an 8' arched opening) :

From April 4, 2012

These pictures make the woodwork appear more red that it actually is, so here's a closeup of the fireplace mantle which represents the wood/stain color better:

From April 4, 2012

From April 4, 2012

WARNING - my next post will address decorating ideas and paint colors to use when you have stained baseboards. It's nearly impossible to find examples of rooms without white painted woodwork. I love the white painted woodwork, but just think it's such a pain if they don't start out painted white.

I really appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, pictures, encouragement, etc. Thanks.

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