Can one stain 'New' Red Oak to match 'Old' Red Oak?

14 years ago

I have an older Cape (1930Âs) with wide plank Red Oak Flooring. I love these floors. There is a nice soft glow to them with a lot of character. I am also in the midst of remodeling my entire kitchen and thought I would carry this "wide plank" look into my design. I went out and purchased (through a local saw mill) 5, 7 and 9 inch Red Oak. I let the wood breath in the house for two weeks and then had my contractor installed the flooring. It looked just great. Then I hired a company to sand and stain. Here is where the nightmare began.

I was told that they could (within reason) match the stain / color on my older floors. After they sanded - they put down various types of Min Wax Stain (Golden Oak, Golden Pecan, Puritan Pine etcÂ) and it was decided that the Golden Pecan was "close". I then left for work  when I returned I find my brand new floor RED!!!! I call the contractor and he agreed with me it didnÂt look very good (then why the ^%$# didnÂt you stop!!!). He said he would return and re-sand them and re-stainÂand of by the way "you" (meaning me) may want to go to the paint store and look at various stains (wait  who is the floor expert here?!!!....).

To make a long story short  the floors were redone with a "Golden Oak" stain from ZAR and they still are not right. When we do a sample on a single board it looks pretty good but it is evident that when the entire room is done (13Âx13Â) it comes out with a Red / Salmon like hue.

After I engaged with other floor refinish companies I was told it will be very very hard to match what is in the house since the older floors and their grain structure will not match the newer wood. However, I could play around with mixing stains and see if I can come up with a combination that may work.

Is there anyway I can stain a Red Oak floor and have the end result more of a soft golden color?.... I tried Min Wax "Golden Oak" stain and all it does is turn the floor more of a reddish brown. Or is there a way I can mix let say a min wax product and get gold yellow colors out of it?......

Any feedback from anyone with any experience with new and old flooring and matching stain is greatly appreciated.,

My very expensive Kitchen remodel is on hold until this is resolvedÂ

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