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Can you match white oak s floors with red oak floors?

12 years ago

I would really appreciate some help.

I am at the end stages of a kitchen remodel. It turns out that my contractor put white oak floors in my new kitchen but I am pretty sure that the other floors in the house are red oak.

I like my contractor and if he in fact messed up, I would like to let this slide as long as there will not be a noticeable difference between the kitchen floor and the floors in the rest of the house once everything is refinished and stained. I would like to make all the floors a caramel color.

So - I am wondering - can red oak and white oak floors be stained to match each other? Also, over time will the floors likely wear the same? Are there any other issues I need to think about here?

I dont mind minor grain variations - the doorways between the rooms in the house are narrow and I dont think it would be noticeable.

Thanks so much !!

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