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What do you remember from your high school prom?

13 years ago

Prom season is coming up......did you enjoy yours? Did you go? These days girls attend their proms together if they don't have a date. I think that's great! In my day we would have taken to our beds in despair. :-)

Here's what I remember from my prom:

I went Alan, my BF at the time. We double-dated with my friend Carolyn (who is still my friend) and her BF. I wore a mid-calf length ice-blue gown, and Alan gave me an orchid wrist corsage that I was afraid of crushing.

The four of us didn't spend much time at the prom. Most of our friends attended Catholic school, so we didn't know a lot of the people there. It was a big school (NYC). We stayed only a short time, and then went on to the Copacabana night club, standard prom practice in those days. I think we wanted to get a good table. We had fun there, danced a lot, and I got a kiss on the cheek from the star of the show, Tony Martin.

We closed the Copa and then went to my house for breakfast. Carolyn and I cooked. (This was 1960.)

How about you?

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