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Did your kids date in high school? If so, how much?

11 years ago

If you have or had children in high school in the past few years, I'd be interested in hearing how much or whether they dated, and/or what seems 'typical' in your kids' schools/social groups.

DD2 is having a different dating experience than DD1 did, but I think it's within the "norm" and she's beating herself up unnecessarily. Then again, a friend pointed out that I may be stuck back in the 1990's or even the 80's (gasp!) when it comes to thinking about dating and maybe I don't really know what most high schoolers do in terms of dating.

I'm not asking folks to debate whether kids should be "allowed to date"--I am just asking what the culture of high school dating is where you are/that your kids have experienced in terms of whether they date one person exclusively, go out more in groups, have long term relationships or not, etc.

Anyone want to share?

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