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About to lose my mind over throw pillows!

8 years ago

Hello everyone! This is my first (of probably many) help-seeking posts. We are about to close on our first house and it is a blank canvas. I have decided to make throw pillows a sort of launching point for the rest of our living room decor. I know I should start from a piece of art or something, but nothing has really inspired me.

My current dilemma is whether our 7 foot beige (yellow undertones) leather couch with recliners on each end needs 2 or 3 throw pillows and if those should be patterned or solid. I already have this pillow and my husband will not be separated from it because it has been declared the napping pillow:

I had one other patterned pillow and a solid pillow, but hubby admitted this evening that he thinks they're ugly. They'll be going back to the store tomorrow. I also felt that the side of the couch with 2 pillows was a little crowded when sitting, especially with the recliner out.

MAIN QUESTION: If I only have one pillow on each end of the couch, should one be patterned or should they both be solid?

Lastly, I LOVE this pillow and will probably be ordering it as an accent for our matching armchair. However, I really don't want the rest of my living room to look like a rainbow, so I'm not sure how to work from this as a design inspiration. You might also notice that it's white while the fuzzy pillow is ivory. Is this a no-no even if they won't be right next to each other? Thanks!

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