I think I'm losing my fridge...and my mind!

7 years ago

Ok, so we finalized our layout and changed some things based on your wonderful suggestions. After hours of reading GW (not kidding), I've come across another problem. I think the GE Profile SD fridge we ordered will protrude to much from std 24" cabinets and eat our limited aisle space. We have two choices, well 3. 1) Keep as is. 2) Change to CD fridge, or 3) Make our island smaller and move a couple inches - will help with aisle, but fridge will still stick out. My question is, would you rather a larger island or bigger fridge. And, would you mind the SD fridge sticking out? HELP!!!

For reference, our island is designed to be about 112" x 54", with 38" of aisle space between counter to counter on fridge side. Here is a picture:

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