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Losing my mind over paint

4 years ago

I'm starting to hate paint. I've spent hours scouring blogs only to run out and buy samples of what they suggest and be disappointed in the look. "Too green, too purple, too pink"... but most of all "Too depressing". I want neutral gray/beige, but I want neutral gray/beige that feels cozy. Does it exist?

We're building a house and my main dilemma is what to paint the whole interior (all the same color). There will be a lot of windows in the Great Room, Dinette and master bedroom all on the West side. Foyer/hallway is on the east and not much light will come in there. Our wood floor (foyer, main hall, kitchen, Dinette) will be a medium brown hickory. Our carpeting (bedrooms, hallways, Great Room and basement) is light gray, looks light beige in some lights. It is called I have no pictures because the house is only framed and I'll have to pick paint really before anything is in. So I need neutral, neutral, neutral. I took my carpet sample to Sherwin Williams and the paint consultant pulled out Agreeable Gray for me. It's ok. But in my current home as I look at my sample at different times of the day next to my carpet sample, sometimes it just seems a bit "off". And muddy. Blah.

I like Pale Oak but I'm a bit worried about it looking pink.

Someone suggested Revere Pewter and it would probably go well. But it has a green tint that gives me a sickish feeling. better than purple, I think. But it feels a little dark.

So then they suggested Edgecomb gray which is supposed to be the lighter version - I do NOT think this is the lighter version. It's lighter, but it's yellowish. Which mayyyy be ok. But I guess until I slap it on the wall, I don't know.

Gossamer Veil was too "ugh" gray, too gray with the carpet.

Classic Gray too light and washed out

Colonnade gray - dark and a bit grayer than I want

Modern Gray - not bad, it's on my "maybe" list along with Agreeable Gray and Pale Oak.

But I guess nothing is really jumping out as "This will work everywhere!" Too much to hope, I guess.

I'm probably saying I don't like gray at all, but I can't go with a beige, it doesn't go with the carpet. And I don't want to go "off white", my trim and cabinets will be white and I want some contrast.

Our builder uses PPG so I got a sample of Swiriling Smoke but it was too "gray". They will paint match, and since I find almost nothing online about their paints i've been focusing on SW and BM. But I'd be open to one of theirs if anyone has one they suggest.

My question is, especially for designers, what would you use for an "all-house" paint that is on the lighter side (60s LRV).

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